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Future Full of Love

A Mystic Haven Romance

Born in the swelter of a long August night, Desiree Peyton is a summer fairy to the inner depths of her heat-loving soul. The cold not only freezes her feet but turns her fiery red hair to drab auburn, and that doesn’t please her at all. That’s why she’s shocked, literally, the first time physical contact is made with Alex Beckett—a visiting cousin to the affluential dragon shifters that live in Jardine Castle overlooking Haven Port on Mystic Haven Island.

When ice dragon Alex’s aunt invites him to come from up North to attend one of her infamous gatherings, he has a melting feeling he’s next on her matchmaking list, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. What he doesn’t expect is for her to arrange an appointment for him with the local Seer for enlightenment.

One touch is all it takes to spark the dragon shifter’s interest in the sizzling summer fairy renowned for seeing the future of others. He knows instantly that she is the fire to his ice, a glowing spark in the midst of his snowy world. Only, he’s pretty sure the promise of love isn’t enough to chase away the differences that threaten to freeze their budding relationship before it has the chance to fully bloom.

What will Desi see in her Seer Stones? Will the ancient ritual reveal an avalanche of heartache, or will it show that the ice dragon and the summer fairy are headed toward a future full of love? There’s only one way to find out. Desi holds her breath and watches the stones tumble from Alex’s hands, hopeful their alignment will tell her everything she needs to know.

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Picking Petals of Love

A Mystic Haven Romance

If an amazing sunrise and a job offer weren’t enough to help her forget all about her crushed daisies, maybe a chance encounter with a dreamy stranger was just the magic kiss Lauren Peters needed.

Toasting to Unexpected Love

A Mystic Haven Romance

A very special story about a young woman who has hit the end of her rope and the man who helps her climb back up again.