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Angels, Dragons, Fairies and Magic!

Welcome to Mystic Haven, an island steeped in magic as ancient as the castle that stands sentinel on the hill at the far end of Haven Port. That’s the one main town on the island, though only tourists and outsiders ever call it by name.

Both the island and the town originated to provide refuge for mystical beings to live peacefully without the rest of the world making them feel different or unwelcome. No one hides their powers — they shift freely. And magic… well, magic is everywhere. But don’t worry. Non-magical humans are also welcome, as long as you’re not there to cause trouble!

While each book in the series stands on its own. Stirring up Some Love is the first book written in the series. The story introduces the influential dragon shifter Beckett Family as well as the shops along Hope Lane in the Merchant district along the harbor.

With a little stir and a sprinkle of love, baking couples' happily-ever-afters is what the angel at Mystic Haven Island’s La Boulangerie de L'amour is all about. Until a couple walks in, and she falls head-over-heels for the groom who just happens to be a mind-reading dragon shifter.

As things heat up in the bakery, Felicity has her work cut out for her. She must find a way to hide her thoughts while she tries to brush aside her feelings and complete her mission to unite the couple forever, but can she? Or is she willing to follow her heart and sacrifice her status as an angel of love?

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When the owner of Mystic Haven’s metaphysical shop goes to the lagoon to collect the magical heart-shaped stones her store needs to survive, she's scared away by someone hiding in the shadows near the water’s edge. Leaving empty-handed isn’t her only disappointment though. She can’t help feeling a connection to the invisible stranger at the lagoon.

The next morning, when a handsome sea dragon brings the stones to her shop, she feels the same giddy attraction she had the night before. Except he says he found them outside her shop, so he can't be the one.

But, as the dragon pursues her and attractions grow, choices have to be made. Will Harmony settle for the all too real, better than imagined sea dragon, or will she walk away in search of a man that seems to be nothing more than an illusion? Life sure would be easier if they turned out to be one and the same. Wouldn’t it?

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Born in the swelter of a long August night, Desiree Peyton is a summer fairy to the inner depths of her heat-loving soul. The cold not only freezes her feet but turns her fiery red hair to drab auburn, and that doesn’t please her at all. That’s why she’s shocked, literally, the first time physical contact is made with Alex Beckett—a visiting cousin to the affluential dragon shifters that live in Jardine Castle overlooking Haven Port on Mystic Haven Island.

When ice dragon Alex’s aunt invites him to come from up North to attend one of her infamous gatherings, he has a melting feeling he’s next on her matchmaking list, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. What he doesn’t expect is for her to arrange an appointment for him with the local Seer for enlightenment.

One touch is all it takes to spark the dragon shifter’s interest in the sizzling summer fairy renowned for seeing the future of others. He knows instantly that she is the fire to his ice, a glowing spark in the midst of his snowy world. Only, he’s pretty sure the promise of love isn’t enough to chase away the differences that threaten to freeze their budding relationship before it has the chance to fully bloom.

What will Desi see in her Seer Stones? Will the ancient ritual reveal an avalanche of heartache, or will it show that the ice dragon and the summer fairy are headed toward a future full of love? There’s only one way to find out. Desi holds her breath and watches the stones tumble from Alex’s hands, hopeful their alignment will tell her everything she needs to know.


Jeanie “JJ” Johansen has her hands full with the start-up of her new coffee and tea shop. Still, she can’t refuse when the most influential woman on Mystic Haven Island asks her to set up a fundraiser tea social. There was only one problem, the owner of the place where Mrs. Beckett wants her to hold the Fall Festival flat-out refuses JJ's proposal.

With time winding down, JJ approaches the owner once more to plead her case with no success. She is at a complete and total loss as to what to do, until the day he shows up at The Full Cup and she finds out he has troubles of his own that are a lot bigger than hers. Perhaps she can help him if he helps her … something of a you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Who knows. All that scratching might just lead to a match made with love!


When a Christmas angel who owns a poinsettia nursery and a dragon shifter who happens to be the Christmas tree farmer find themselves living just around the corner from one another, you'd expect things to heat up. Instead, they're knee deep in an unexpected, overabundance of snow!


Guardian angel Adam Springer can’t understand why he’s been sent to an island full of dragon shifters, fairies, and other angels until his path crosses that of another angel: a down on her luck, flat broke, pride-filled sculptor by the name of Evangeline McCormick. Evie for short.

Really? Adam and Evie? Adam looks skyward and slowly shakes his head. One thing was certain, the Big Man has a sense of humor. But there is no humor left in Evie, only heartache and a hole so deep that pulling her out of it will be Adam’s greatest accomplishment. It might also be his last… because guardian angels aren’t allowed to fall in love.


When an angel florist is asked to design the flowers for her best guy friend’s wedding, she agrees, even though doing so is akin to stabbing a dagger through her own heart. While she scatters rose petals over the floor of the great hall in his family’s castle in preparation for the ceremony, she loses herself in the dream that he will see the truth.

He loves me.
He loves me not.

As the sweet scent of love hangs in the air, Ashton D'Angelo wonders if a single petal can change everything and make the impossible happen. Or was that just a silly game that only worked in fairy tales?